Lunchföreläsning: Gaming technology

Jennifer Bullard besöker Creative Park och föreläser om gaming technology. Jennifer har flera års erfarenhet på olika spelbolag och är även ordförande i International Game Developers Association i Austin, Texas.

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Vi bjuder på en lunchmacka under föreläsningen och avrundar lunchen med tid för frågor och diskussion! Välkommen.

”Businesses are not cool ideas, or research projects. Businesses solve problems that someone is willing to pay for the solution. Regardless if you start a knitting-based business, make smartphone apps or games for the latest generation of consoles, everyone has to face the same set of business decisions and challenges. Some of the major pitfalls center around early decisions such as choosing a business partner, taking investments, choosing to follow or not follow a business opportunity, poorly done market research (if any), lack of project planning and of course anything under accounting. Cash flow, runway and burn rate are the three biggest accounting mistakes first time (or even second time) business owners make. This will cover the big pitfalls, how to do good research, what skills you should actually posses and the questions to answer before jumping into product development.

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